Work Submission

Lab reports, written responses and other assignments should be submitted digitally (unless otherwise indicated). Each student will need to create a personal account on Google Docs ( ; this account will be used to “share” assignments with the instructor (dman at

  • Assignments need to be shared with the instructor by 8AM on the due date. A late submission will result in a zero (8:01AM is late!).
  • Assignments should be shared with dman at
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their assignment is properly submitted. Students should double-check that they are sharing with the right e-mail address and that the assignment was properly posted. If the assignment does not appear in the instructor’s account by 8AM, it is late (this is not negotiable).  To avoid hassle, try test-sharing an assignment at the beginning of the year to ensure that you have the correct e-mail and do not leave things to the last minute.
  • If you have any questions or problems with setting up an account or using Google Docs, please refer to the video or ask Ms. Man (in person or via e-mail).

Download video tutorial (unzip and open gdocs.htm)


2 responses to “Work Submission

  1. Dylan Pearce

    this should work really well, im exited

  2. Mitchel

    i have a google dox thingy but i have no idea what to do from there, isnt this creepy? not only did i see you 2 times outside of school today im also talking to you over the internet, i feel like a total nerd.

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