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Precalculus- Topics On Final Exam

Please note that the following topics will be covered on the final exam. Please note that a more heavy emphasis is placed on term 2 material than term 1 material.

  • Composite Functions
  • Limits of a function
  • One-sided functions
  • Continuity
  • Derivatives
  • Product Rule
  • Quotient Rule
  • Chain Rule
  • Power Rule
  • Finding Tangents
  • Implicit Differentiation
  • Higher Derivatives
  • Asymptotes
  • First Derivative Test (Increasing/Decreasing Functions)
  • Second Derivative Test (Concavity, Points of Inflection)
  • Radians/Degrees
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Trigonometric Proofs
  • Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

**NOTE: The other day I told some of you that sin x approached 1 in a question. I misinterpreted the x as being when x=o but in reflection, x is equal to the angle of rotation thus when there is 0 rotation, sin x is also equal to 0. Please take note of this correction (sin x=0, not 1). Sorry if I confused anyone.


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Order of Oral Exams

This is just a reminder for students of the order for each oral exam next week:


  1. Brian
  2. Kelcy
  3. Clare
  4. Lauren
  5. Matt
  6. Nabila
  7. Mac
  8. Ricky
  9. Chase


  1. Lauren
  2. Brian
  3. Matt
  4. Chase
  5. Mac
  6. Clare
  7. Nabila
  8. Ricky


  1. Mac
  2. Nabila
  3. Matt
  4. Brian
  5. Kelcy
  6. Lauren

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Precalculus- Oral Exam Details

The oral exam for precalculus will be focused on chapters 2, 4 and 5 from the text. This includes:

1. Derivatives

  • Power rule
  • Sum and Difference Rules
  • Product Rule
  • Quotient Rule
  • Chain Rule
  • Implicit Differentiation

2. 1st and 2nd Derivative Tests

You may be asked to solve and explain a problem as well as answer follow-up questions from me. The oral exam should take approximately 10 minutes and is worth 10% of your final grade.

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Precalculus- Reminder about Trigonometric Identities Assignment

This is just a reminder that the trigonometric identities assignment will be due Monday, June 1st in class. Please ensure that you have written legibly and that you have included all the required information.

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Precalculus- Test on Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is just a reminder that there will be a precalculus test this upcoming Thursday, May 28th.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes (5.1 and 5.2)
  • Concavity and Inflection (5.3)
  • Second Derivative Test (5.4)
  • Functions of Related Values (6.1)
  • Addition and Subtraction Formulae (6.2)
  • Double Angle Formulae (6.3)
  • Half-Angle Formulae (notes)

In addition to these topics, you should be familiar with the basic trigonometric properties, including:

  • Pythagorean Identity
  • csc x, cot x, sec x
  • Radians and Degrees
  • tan x =sin x/cos x

For those who are interested in starting to study, you can review topics from chapter 5 using your homework notes but also pg. 245 (#1-4).For chapter 6 problems, try pg. 268 (#4, 6, 7) and pag. 295 (#1-3).

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Precalculus- May 20, 2009

In precalculus today, we reviewed a few more complex examples involving the double-angle formula. Page 279, #3, 6, 7 and 9 were assigned in class for review.

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Precalculus- Trigonometric Identities Reference Sheet

There will be a precalculus test in class next Thursday, May 28, 2009. The material covered on the test will include the tests for concavity and the use of trigonometric identities. The equation sheet that you will have with your test is attached here so you are familiar with what will and won’t be available for you.

Trigonometric Identities Equation Sheet

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