Chemistry- Energy and Society Project

In many parts of the world, there is a growing demand for cheap, dependable energy. Energy supply is important in production, growth and maintaining certain levels of living. With the growing demand for energy, however, there is a concurrent global crisis developing with regards to climate change. Years of unimpeded use of dirty technology as resulted in growing global temperatures and ecological turmoil. At this point, there are many emerging new technologies and reinvented old technologies that claim to have the solution to our problems. Each technology is unique and needs to be critically analyzed.

Each student in the class will have a chosen energy source/technology to research. They will act as an advocate for that source/technology and present it as a possible solution to our energy and environment crisis. The presentations will be followed by a group discussion on the issues presented.

Areas of Research
Each project should consider on the following topics:

  • Provide a historical context for your energy source or technology.
  • Explain the current situation and the projected future of your technology. What are some of the innovations?
  • Provide some basic explanation on how your technology works or how your energy source can be utilized.
  • Discuss the efficiency of your energy source.
  • Address some of the major ethical, ecological or social issues related to your energy source or technology. You are expected to provide a critical and thoughtful analysis for this section.
  • Research the risks and benefits. Although you will be advocating for the implementation of your technology, you will need to be aware of the downfalls and be able to defend them during discussion.

Please make sure to record all the sources that were used in the project.

The presentation should be 8-12 minutes long and be accompanied by a visual presentation. This could include a poster, powerpoint, model, etc. Students are expected to present their topic without needing to read from a script (cue cards are acceptable). The aesthetics of your presentation and your presentation skills will be assessed (rubric will be posted).

Your findings should be summarized in a research paper. The paper should be 4-8 pages long (12 font, double spaced) and have proper citation. The content of your paper, the depth of your analysis, spelling and grammar will all be considered in the evaluation. Guidelines will be posted on the specifics of the paper. There will be a review of how to write and cite your paper.


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