Precalculus- Multiplication of Functions, Thursday February 12, 2009

In today’s class, we started Investigation 2 on pages 60-61. This activity is to help us explore the idea of multiplication of functions and to build our own understanding of it. A few points of clarification:

A) The question is asking for a function about the number of people who are going on the tour over 30, not about revenue

B) The -30 reinforces the importance of 30 passengers (the rate doesn’t start until after 30)

C) This asks you to create a function to express the price of a ticket for the xth person above 30. For every person after 30, the price drops by $0.50 (ex. the 31st person pays $19.50, the 32nd person pays $19.00, etc)

E) Represents the total revenue of the tour

For homework, please finish the investigation and answer the investigation questions that follow.


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