Mathematics- Information for Final, January 15, 2009

Mathematics 11: Exam Information

General Exam Info

The grade 11 chemistry final is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Oral Component (10% of final grade)
  2. Written Component (40% of final grade)

The oral exam will be conducted on Wednesday January 21 (afternoon) and Thursday January 22 (in class). The oral exam is 5-10 minutes long and will require you to discuss a topic that we studied in class.

The written exam will be on Monday January 26th from 2PM-5PM.

Review Dates

In-class review time will be provided on January 19, 20 and the 21st or 22nd (differs for each student depending on date of oral exam).


There will be additional time available outside of class on the following dates:

Monday, January 19- 12:00-12:30PM (math only), 3:00-4:30PM (general)

Wednesday, January 21- 12:00-12:30PM (general)

Thursday, January 22- 4:00-5:30PM (math only)

Please bring questions or issues to tutorials to help structure the tutorial.

Topics Covered

All the topics covered in the semester may appear on the exam. There is greater weight on post-midterm material than there is on pre-midterm material.

  • Solving Systems of Equations (2 and 3 variables)
  • Methods of solving system of equations
  • Being able to apply specific methods to questions
  • Finding Intercepts
  • 3D Space (planes, points in 3 variables)
  • Matrices- representation, determinants, inverses, operations
  • Periodic Functions
  • Sine and Cosine Functions
  • Degrees and Radians
  • Transformation of Functions
  • Arc Length
  • Angles in Standard Position
  • Sine and Cosine Functions of Angles in Standard Position
  • Trigonometric Functions (writing equations or drawing waves)
  • Sine and Cosine of Special Angles
  • Trigonmetric Identities (Proofs)
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Normal Distribution
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Sampling Distribution
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Introduction to Binomials

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