Physics- Midterm Review Problems, Oct. 17, 2008

Here is a list of problems to attempt or re-attempt to help structure your studying for physics. Some of the answers are in the back while others will need to be reviewed with a peer. Try as many as these problems from each section as you feel necessary.


  • Page 72 #15-50
  • Page 111 #1, 4
  • Page 116-117 #11-22
  • Page 119 #34-45
  • Page 151 #26-35


  • Page 151 #26-35
  • Page 163 #1-3
  • Page 206 #10, 11, 17
  • Page 208 #23-27, #29-35

There are summary tables at the end of many chapters to help group the main ideas and remind you of what you are expected to know; use these tables to supplement your notes if necessary.


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