Mathematics- Schedule for the Week of Oct. 13-17, 2008

The schedule for the upcoming week is planned as follows. Please take note of the important dates so you do not miss your opportunity to come for extra help.

Monday Oct. 13: Thanksgiving (No classes)

Tuesday Oct. 14: Co-terminal angles homework due in class

Wednesday Oct. 15: Lesson on the sine and cosine functions of an angle in the standard position

Thursday Oct. 16: Math will be shortened and moved to second period to accommodate the English test in the morning. This lesson will review the homework assigned from yesterday. Review sheets will be made available to all students to help them prepare for the midterm. There will be lunch availability today (11:55-12:25) for anyone who requires extra help in math.

Friday Oct. 17: Review period- this will partially be teacher-led but students are encouraged to bring questions to class so that the areas of trouble are addressed before the weekend. There will be an after-school availability today from 3:00-4:30PM for those who need extra help in math. The availability will be held at the Academy.


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