Physics- Representing Vectors and Design Project, Sept. 11 and 12, 2008

At the end of this week, we started working on the “Stopping on a Dime” project where you are asked to design some type of vehicle that will travel down a 1m ramp and stop 3m away. Please consider the materials you might need and make sure you keep a journal of things you are trying, things you have tried and ideas that come up. Science journals are a great way to document your progress and I expect to see one with each project submission. We will continue to work on these vehicles next week.

We also started learning about representing vectors. This is covered on page 90, chapter 3.2 of your text. We learned how to “add” vectors by drawing them “tip to tail”. The goal of this is to be able to find a resultant vector (ex. the actual displacement from start to finish). For this section, we are only “adding” by drawing the vectors out- we are not doing the mathematical summation yet! Your answers will be scale drawings that keep in mind magnitude and direction of vectors.

For homework, please complete page 94 #8-11. I will ask you to submit your answers so I can see your drawings and answers.


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